How about fencing?

This Post is about. how I got the idea to try this sport.
It all started in 3rd class, there we got from our classteacher
a leafleet about an cooperation betwenn school and club.
The club was the TGS and the section was fencing.
In this class I had a friend, we call him Jim ( not actual his real name)
and Jim had the idea let us go to the first training.
First I didn’t want to go there, but he talked to me many times,
that we have to go therehis aunt do this sport.
So at least he got me to the point , I agreed to go with him to the first training.
So as we arrived there there were at least about 50 children in age 8 to 10. The first training was great,so that we continue to be there.
Half a year later we continued an I decided to join the club and continue this sport.My friend Jim had decided to do fencing to the end of the cooperation.
In conclusion I can say without Jim i wouln’t do this sport and now I do this sport for 7 years sind 2010.

Thats the end of the blogpost.
I hope you enjoyed reading.

Your Fabian